VAB and IDataErrorInfo

Topics: Validation Application Block
Apr 11, 2007 at 8:23 AM
Hi all,

We have developed a great deal of solutions based on IDataErrorInfo, inspired by the excellent work provided by Paul Stovell (see The Code Project and PaulStovell.NET). This interface happens to be used by a lot of UI components in Windows Forms and, as Paul shows, it can be used in other frameworks such as WPF.

VAB is a very good piece of work, but integration with existing applications based on IDataErrorInfo is far from being straight, as there seems to be no way to validate one object property only. I have not seen any way either to validate an entire object and filter the results by its property names. The only way I have seen so far would be to develop a new integration library (which be inspired by the WinForms one, where a lot of code has already been written to be able to validate a property only).

So (at last !) my questions are :
  • has anybody worked already on integration of IDataErrorInfo in VAB ?
  • are there any plans to do it in the library (or maybe 3rd party) ?

Mathieu Cartoixa