Enterprise Library Edit button dosen't show in vs2012

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Jan 17, 2015 at 5:37 AM
Hi, I need help
I've installed Enterprise Library 5.0 and update 0.1 both eatch time.
I've installed nuget on my VS2012 too.
after injecting EnLib DataAccess to Refrences in VS through the Manage Nuget Packages panel online, It'll add needed assemblies but the problem is when I add new ".config" file it dosen't show the orange Edit configuration File item when I right click on it!
I've watched the pluralsight tutorial movie of EnLib, and did all things like that, I have EnLib configuration panel in my All programs but I can't have it through the right click panel in vs2012.
mmmm, VS run as Administrator for sure .
EnLib.xsd also dosn't show in xmlschemas panel :(