Custom Operand | No errors but not simulating scaling

Topics: Autoscaling Application Block ("Wasabi")
Nov 12, 2012 at 10:05 PM


I have been testing out adding a new Custom Operand to the Wasabi Auto Scaler with "Notify" mode.  My implementation works fine, sends emails about scaling events. When I use built in operands such as "queueLength" however when using a custom operand, it successfully collects the data, does not throw any errors but I get no emails.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><rules xmlns=""> <constraintRules> <rule name="default" enabled="true" rank="1" description="The default constraint rule"> <actions> <range min="1" max="5" target="My.Instance"/> </actions> </rule> </constraintRules> <reactiveRules> <rule name="analysis_factor_5" description="scale based on factor" enabled="true"> <when> <greaterOrEqual operand="analysis_factor" than="0"/> </when> <actions> <scale target="My.Instance" by="2"/> </actions> </rule> </reactiveRules> <operands> <MyCustomOperand samplingRate="00:05:00" alias="analysis_factor" timespan="00:05:00" aggregate="Average" xmlns="http://CW.AutoScaler/MyCustomOperand"/> </operands></rules>  

In my operand, I have hard-coded it to return 0 and see the collects happening through the debugger.  One thing that I noticed is that in my custom operand implementation, my 3001 messages ended like this:


rather than this in the queueLength operand:

"default, ScaleDown_AnalysisFactor_1"}},"SettingChangeRequests":{}}

Any suggestions on debugging this further.