Error Writing to Flat File not Logged in Event Log

Topics: Logging Application Block
May 29, 2008 at 7:41 PM
I am getting some strange behavior when logging to a flat file.  My logging app block has three trace listeners for a given category in this order

flat file
event log

I purposely denied write access to the flat file because I want to see what the ent lib will do.  I am expecting it to write to the event log and say that it failed.  However, it is not.  The database trace listeners fails and that is logged to the event log.  I thought that maybe once a particular listener fails to log it just forwards and only logs the last failure.  To test this, I let the database logging succeed so that the flat file was the only to fail.  It still didn't log this to the event log.

The documentation says "If an error occurs when the application block writes to a special trace source, there is no error reported and the original log message is discarded."  However, I know this isn't the case since it is writing database failures to the event log.

Can anyone help me explain/rectify this behavior.  My Log Errors Category is set to event log trace listener.