Logger and SharePoint workflows question

Topics: Logging Application Block
Sep 10, 2007 at 10:42 PM
Having discovered that Log4Net doesn't survive a workflow dehydration/rehydration cycle (it just quietly stops working), I was wondering if anybody knows if EL 3.1 Logger will "play nice together" with a custom SharePoint workflow built with VS 2005 that has Tasks that cause it to naturally dehydrate to/from SQL Server.

The issue with Log4Net is, it's not serializable, so when the workflow "wakes up" (e.g., to compelte a task), all the Logger.Debug calls quietly fail to make the expected entries into the flat file (in my particular situation). Numerous people have tried to tackle this issue for BizTalk, but since adding those solutions on top of the existing Log4Net binaries is not acceptable where I work, I'm hoping EL 3.1 (May 2007 release) will work as a nice configurable at run-time logging mechanism within my custom SharePoint workflows.