Dependency Injection framework with Object Builder

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May 31, 2007 at 9:57 AM
Are there any plans on providing a full-blown dependency injection framework based on Object Builder? With this I mean something that can be used in place of other IoD frameworks such as Castle Windsor or Spring. I'm considering building one myself since I want to stay as close to EntLib as possible. I know the Web Client Software Factory already provides something similar (but without configuration features), but the Web Service SF does not provide anything for that.

Dennis Doomen
Aviva Solutions
May 31, 2007 at 4:38 PM
Hey Dennis,

Cool. Another person besides myself who thinks we need a real Dependency Injection Application Block ( IoC Tool ) for the Software Factories!

Maybe Olaf will start the project as part of the EntLibContrib Project :)

This is a sore spot in the Patterns & Practices Community IMHO. We have all these software factories building containers around ObjectBuilder and none of them are feature rich. Windsor blows them all away. It also seems like a big duplication of effort since all the software factories should just share the same Dependecy Injection Application Block. And, of course, we should also be able to use the block even if we don't use the software factories.

I personally brought this up several times in the Web Client Software Factory Community, but I don't know if anyone is listening.

First thing I recommend is adding it as a WorkItem. I will vote for it.

I was about to say don't bother bringing it up in the ObjectBuilder Community, because it is dead. But look what was just posted today by Brad Wison:

New sample: CodePlexContainer

This obviously doesn't solve the problem we are after, but the fact that there is activity in the ObjectBuilder Project is amazing. It literally has been dead for about a year.

My recommendation is to submit posts in the various software factory communities and mention it in the ObjectBuilder Community. Unless Olaf runs with it in EntLibContrib, I don't see any new blocks happening for Enterprise Library until 4.0. Brad's example mentioned above might be a good starting point. I will look at it this evening.

We need it though. We need something lightweight and feature rich!




David Hayden
Microsoft MVP C#