Not able to see the logged message in the Event Viewer

Hi I am using the following configuration file to log the events into the event viewer but cant see the logged event in the event viewer in my WPF Application. please find the attached Zip file

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Not Logging when add logsources created already with listeners

When I use the standard behavior the logging works perfectly. I add a LogSourceData, then call the AddTraceListener Method. But if I try to create a LogSourceData passing a array of TraceListene...

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Azure Sink package dependency error

also posted in the : Sub-dependencies for installing package: EnterpriseLibrary.SemanticLogging.WindowsAzure cause the rollback of nugget installation with ...

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SLAB Logging in Azure does not have SCOM pack support

System Center 2012 had recently released SCOM pack for Azure Monitoring. it does not have capability to monitor SLABlogs. our support is not allowing us to azure SLAB for this reason. I love this ...

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DAAB ParameterCache CreateParameterCopy InvalidCastException

Reposting this concern here in compliance with the Enterprise Library Project Guidelines. The method CreateParameterCopy within the DAAB class ParameterCache throws an InvalidCastException when at...

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No source code?

Where the ... is it?

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Running multiple instances and logging into one file at a time

Hi, I am using enterprise library 4.0 application logging block. My project is a web services and running under IIS 7.0 and configured as RollingFlatFileTraceListenerData. The issue is due to ...

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Configuration error exception while creating database object

I am trying to use the MS Enterprise Library but I am having the Issue while creating the Database object using database factory I tried two ways (1) Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabas...

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Custom Database Trace Listener

Hi, I am using Enterprise library5.0 for exception handling and logging.I need to log the exception to the custom database which we are using in our project,So what i did is i downloaded "CustomDa...

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The custom exception handler with name 'xxx' does not have a type specified

I have a project for Logging (c#) and a project for ExceptionHandling (vb). The project for Logging contains references to (CopyLocal = True): Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common Micros...

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