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Microsoft Transient Fault Handling Application Block ("Topaz") - October 2012 Update

Release Notes


What's New

  • The ExecuteAsync method now retries if an exception is thrown synchronously and is transient when starting the user provided task.
    • In the previous release, synchronous errors were not retried, following TAP design guidelines that dictate that a task should fail to start only if there is a usage error (and hence not transient), but there are cases where these guidelines may not be followed by libraries or user code and Topaz cannot enforce those.
    • If the exception is not transient, Topaz will still bubble up the exception synchronously (as opposed to returning a task with a Faulted state).
  • Improved Windows Azure Service Bus detection strategy to better support transient errors when authenticating with Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS).

Usage and behavior

Read how to use the library with the Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) in the v..5.1.1209.0 Release Notes

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