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Enterprise Library has many features and there are a variety of places to get started (some listed on the home page) including Hands-on LabsDeveloper's Guide to Microsoft Enterprise Library 2nd EditionVideos, as well as Quickstarts and a Reference Implementation.  Also consult the main Enterprise Library 6 page for a list of other resources.

We also know that sometimes you might need advice, or it might not be clear how things should work and that sometimes things just don't work!  That's the purpose of the discussion forums.  Feel free to post your questions and problems there and we will try to help.  Recently each block has been given it's own site (and discussion forum) so post to the appropriate forum:

If you have a bug to report or a feature request use the Issue Tracker for the applicable block but usually the first place to post is the Discussion Forum.

Here's some tips for getting the best and fastest answer.

Do a Quick Search

Sometimes a quick search can help pinpoint the issue you are having or point you in the right direction.  This site, in particular, has a wealth of information.  Many people may have had a similar problem to yours that has already been solved.  First check the EntLib FAQ.  If that doesn't help then most search engines will let you target a specific site.  For example, you can usually add "" to your query to target this site.  If you can find the answer yourself in a few minutes this will probably be faster than creating a post and waiting for answers.

Start a New Thread

In general, it's usually a good idea to start a new thread.  Only add to an existing thread when the post directly relates to the thread (for example, recommending a solution to the posters problem, or commenting directly on a previous post in the thread).  Even if you find a thread that's very similar to yours (for example, Activation Exception) it's better to start a new thread with your specific issue than adding to an old thread.  

Be Specific

If you can be specific with your question or issue then you have the best chance of getting a fast and useful answer.  

For issues (as opposed to more general questions) being specific will usually mean including a full StackTrace (if applicable), a code snippet showing how you are using Enterprise Library, and the configuration you are using.  Ideally, a Short, Self Contained, Correct (Compilable), Example is the most useful. Also include any other important details and context that would let someone recreate and solve the issue.  For example, if you are using Silverlight, then do mention that.

Use the Discussion Forum

If you have a question or issue, then use the Discussion Forum instead of adding a comment to a specific page or the Issue Tracker.  This will help to ensure your question or issue is not lost in the shuffle.

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