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Project Guidelines

Developer Workflow

Developers should use the following workflow when working on items.
  • Consult with the product backlog/roadmap for issues/feature requests. If you are working on a new feature not listed there, make sure to submit it for review and community discussion first.
  • Please use rebase to keep the tree clean and without extra unnecessary merge operations. Pulling and rebasing frequently will help reduce the changes of merge conflicts.
  • All contributors (both internal and external) should push their local changes to their fork and issue a pull request to begin the code review process.
  • When the code review process is complete and change is accepted, someone from the project team will merge the changes into the repo.
  • When the changes have been merged, then the project team marks the issue as Fixed.

Creating New Issues

Please use these guidelines when creating new issues in the Issue Tracker:
  • Specify a descriptive title that identifies the issue to be addressed or the feature request .
  • Do not set any bug fields other than Impact.
  • Specify a detailed description of the issue or feature request.
  • For bug reports please also:
    • Describe the expected behavior and the actual behavior.
    • Attach a simple project that can be built and run to reproduce the issue. We love unit tests - ideally, we'd love to see those attached to the report.
    • Specify any relevant exception messages and stack traces.
    • Attach any relevant log or trace files.
  • Subscribe to notifications for the created issue in case there are any follow up questions.

How Issues Are Triaged

We’ll be using the following process to triage bugs in the issue tracker:
  • Anybody can open a new bug with the Proposed state.
  • During the regular triages run by the project team, we’ll confirm and approve bugs for future work (marked as Active).
    • If there is a bug you feel strongly about and want to work on, but it hasn’t yet been triaged, please post a message in the forums.
  • You can choose to work on any Active bug, that is Unassigned.
  • When the fix for the bug is committed to master, the project team will change the status to Fixed.
  • Once the bug fix is verified, it will get marked as Closed.

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BarrySchrager Dec 3, 2013 at 5:19 PM 
Can you confirm that all contributions are reviewed by Microsoft so as to assure that we are not introducing any vulnerabilities when we incorporate these functions into our code?