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Give feedback, get books!

We are making EntLib more powerful and easy-to-use and we would love to get your feedback on the proposed changes in the config tool experience. If you can spare an hour and want to help us improve EntLib, read on.

Requirements for participation:
  • Job: you are an Architect or System Administrator
  • Experience: you use the EntLib config tool (in VS or standalone) for Data Access, Logging and/or Exception Handling
  • Availability: you are available for a 60 minute one-on-one video conference on July 7, 8 or 9, between 9am and 9pm Pacific Time (5pm-5am GMT)

If you qualify and would like to participate, please let us know (see the mechanism below). Participants will receive 3 MS Press books of their choice.

The EntLib Team


Send a message answering the following:

Your name: _________________ and how to contact you _________________

Job title / role:
o Architect
o System Administrator
o Other, please specify: _________________ (at this time, we have reached the maximum number of Developers)

I use the config tool in:
o EntLib 2.x
o EntLib 3.x
o EntLib 4.x

When are you available for the 60 minute session? list all time slots you are available
Please note: time slots are limited, so the more times you are available the more likely we’ll be able to schedule a session with you.
• Dates - July 7, 8 and/or 9
• Times - between 9am and 9pm Pacific Time (between 5pm and 5am GMT)
• Time Zone (what time zone does your availability refer to?)

If you are selected to participate we will contact you shortly to schedule a time and provide more details.

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