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Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Beta 2 – March 2010 Release

Release Notes

This document contains late-breaking information about Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Beta 1 –March 2010 that could not be included in the documentation. Any additional information and bug fixes that are delivered after the release date will be available on the Enterprise Library Community site and on the Enterprise Library MSDN site.
The detailed change log is included in the HTML Help documentation (.chm file) installed with Enterprise Library.

Beta Disclaimer

This is a preliminary release of the code and documentation that may potentially be incomplete, and may change prior to the final release of Enterprise Library 5.0.
This release does not include the final test pass, full platform testing, and integration testing with Microsoft Visual Studio that will be completed for the final release. We do not advise use of this Beta release in production applications. It is provided for preview and evaluation purposes only.
This release should not be interpreted as a commitment on the part of Microsoft as to any new features or improvements, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information that may indicate features or changes to future releases.

Your Feedback is Invited

Organizations are encouraged to begin their Enterprise Library 5.0 and Unity 2.0 evaluation now. This release is intended to be a feature complete version of Enterprise library 5.0, with the exception of the Visual Studio integrated configuration tool.
We would appreciate feedback on any issues found, or any other general comments on this release. You can post feedback and comments on the Enterprise Library Codeplex forum.

Known Issues

The following are the known issues and important information about this release:

.Net 4.0

  • Data block will not work when targeting .NET 4.0 client profile. Workaround: Target the full .NET framework.

Configuration Tool

  • Loading an existing file and persisting it after updates, results in the commented sections rearranged or removed
  • An existing file needs to be specified when configuring the Logging block FlatFileTraceListener
  • Configuring a file-based configuration source to a file that's being edited doesn’t save the "enterpriseLibrary.ConfigurationSource" section

Microsoft Visual Studio-Integrated Configuration Tool

  • Tool can produce errors when referencing EnterpriseLibrary.Configuration.Design assembly from user project. Workaround: Use the standalone configuration tool
  • Referencing WPFToolkit in project causes DateRangeValidator to not accept date input on surface. Workaround: Use the property grid.
  • The intergrated config tool fails to initialize after switching assembly sets. Workaround: restart Microsoft Visual Studio.

Environment Overrides

  • Logging trace listeners already picked in main configuration cannot be picked in overridden configuration using the configuration tool.
  • The Enterprise Library 5.0 Configuration tool does not support Environmental Overrides for the PIAB Logging handler Categories. You cannot use the configuration tool at design time to customize the run time settings of your PIAB configuration for Logging handler Categories based on the environment.


  • Export merge file to an existing file does not prompt about the overwrite
  • In some cases, highlighting of the field with already fixed validation errors may remain. Workaround: force validating via the context menu (right-click, Validate)


  • In the logging block, using Manageability Configuration Source does not support selecting multiple trace options


  • Referencing types from GAC only works if you specify their fully-qualified names in the config file, not just the short names.

Unit Tests

  • When compiling Enterprise Library 5.0 2010 projects targeting .NET Framework 4.0, six unit tests are failing. These appear to be issues with the tests, not the underlying library but we continue to investigate and have these resolved for RTW.
  • Some of the Enterprise Library unit tests use features of the Moq mock object library. We cannot include these libraries as part of the Enterprise Library 5.0 download. To run the unit tests, please download the binaries for Moq 3.1 (current version as of this writing is 3.1.416.3) and unpack the binaries and place them in this directory. Both the desktop and Silverlight binaries can be placed here. You will then be able to compile and run the unit tests.


  • No quickstarts are supplied with this beta release. They will be available in the final release.

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