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Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Integration Pack for Windows Azure - FINAL RELEASE



December 2011


  • Breaking Change: Updated the Service Information XML schema file to have all the configuration for the stabilizer in a centralized place.
  • Breaking Change: Reduced the number of logging categories in WASABi.
  • All autoscaling rule evaluation can now be enabled or disabled globally through a setting in the rules store.
  • Added PowerShell Cmdlets to handle some autoscaling management tasks
  • Added the Transient Fault Handling Application Block
  • Various improvements to the autoscaling stabilizer feature including a cost optimization configuration option and support for scale groups.
  • Added encryption support for service information store.
  • Added encryption support for rules store.
  • Added encryption support for the Autoscaling Application Block configuration settings in app.config.
  • Added role instance count operand.
  • Added a "Last" aggregate function for autoscaling operands.
  • Enhanced design-time experience in Enterprise Library configuration tool.
  • Operand names must start with a letter (not a number or underscore).
  • Updated to Windows Azure SDK 1.6
  • Now uses upserts as supported by the storage client API
  • Autoscaling Application Block configuration can now be stored in blob storage.
  • When you use the Configuration Tool to select the Logging Application Block logger, it now adds the Logging Application Block section to your configuration file automatically.
  • Rules are now enabled by default in the Autoscaling Application Block.

Bug fixes

  • Breaking Change: Improvements to logging with clearer log messages.
  • Fixed error in the Config tool when trying to save with the default values.
  • Fixed an error in the role instance count data points collector where it continued to collect data points from a role that had been deleted or suspended.
  • Notification improvements: duplicate notifications are no longer sent until the cool-down period has expired.
  • Fix to constraint rules so that they support positive time offsets.
  • Fix crashes associated with the blob execution lease.
  • Removed Windows Azure Subscription ID from all log messages.
  • Optimized transfer to data point store by batching updates.
  • Improved validation of operand expressions.

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