Community releases are meant to deliver incomplete code & doc (feature, dev, and test wise) for the sake of getting early customer feedback. Sometimes the community release is done very early in the product cycle and the other ones follow at different intervals. That said, we want as minimal of locking & blocking criteria to be placed on it. The highest priority in these releases is to get it in customers hand as soon as possible to get feedback. It’s released with enough basic functional features (interpretation of quality in this case). For that reason, the release criteria from test perspective is kept at a minimum amount but it allows for flexibility on a per project basis (see optional/additional criteria’s below)

CTP Main/Minimal Criteria:

1. All known Severity 1 bugs fixed
2. Successfully passes defined and appropriate BVT
3. List of Active Severity 2 bugs shared with the community
4. Installer (MSI) passes BVT tests
5. Test coverage status shared + inviting customers to comment back about test priority/coverage

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