ENT LIB 3.0: DAAB: Problem while using with Oracle Cursors

Topics: Data Access Application Block
May 3, 2007 at 6:28 PM
I'm trying to call an Oracle stored procedure that returns a cursor. I didn't know how to bind the parameter to cursor type, as there was no option to specify cursor in DbType. Then, I found from the codeproject.com, that there's no need to add parameter for cursor and the DAAB implicitly reads data from cursors, but the cursor name has to be cur_OUT and specified as IN OUT. For eg.
TYPE my_cursor IS REF CURSOR; -- declaration
PROCEDURE GetData(ID varchar2(15), curOUT IN OUT mycursor)....

This works ok if I'm going to write a new stored procedure. But in our system, we already have a bunch of stored procedures that has different names for the cursors and we cannot change this, as many other applications call this stored procedure and it's impossible for us change all these applications. (These app's doesn't use Ent Lib). Is there any workaround for this?