issues with using signed EL dlls

Topics: Enterprise Library Core, General discussion, Logging Application Block
Apr 19, 2007 at 6:54 AM
I have sstrong named following EL June 2005 DLLs, and am using it in my .Net 2003 project:
Common.dll, Configuration.dll, Logging.dll and logging.rollingflatfile.dll

After this I had to change public key token value in the 3 config file app.config, loggingconfiguration.config, loggingdistributionconfiguration.config.

However after doing this I could not open the app.config from Configuration tool. Everytime, I have to make any change in the app.config, I reset public key token to null in all the 3 files, do the change, and change back the public key token.

How can I directly open the config file from Configuration Console Tool.

Please someone help me asap, its kinda urgent.