Unified logging for all clients & services across machine and code boundaries?

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Mar 13, 2007 at 3:46 PM
We're just started to use EntLib 3.0 CTP in our project for logging and exception handling. So far I'm happy using it.

We have an application server (services) and clients running inside a single network. The goal is now to provide a unified logging to each app running somewhere in our environment. I would like to be able to track request from clients to services from a single log source. I guess to use the database log provider is one possible solution. But how to separate applications from each other, server side services from one another? Maybe to use the title property of each log entry isn't really a silver bullet.

My questions is how to use entlib that my scenario of tracking and analyse requests across machine and application bounds can be done effectively and the easily way. Is there any special support that ent lib provides for such an architecture?

Thanks for your time

Christoph Richner
Developer, BaseNet AG Switzerland