Add Appender in production business application

Topics: Logging Application Block
Apr 13, 2015 at 3:06 PM
Hey Guys,

i need to write a framework that will be used by round about 20 .NET business applications. All of these applications are installed on Win8. Every application has to write its own log. I want to ship every application with a default File Logger.

Later on i want to have the ability to add, change or remove listener, categories and formatter.

My Idea was to create a separate tool, that detects all installed applications (based on my framework) and creates a custom config file containing all settings i want. This custom config file should be placed somewhere and maybe pointing on it with an regkey. If this regkey is set, the framework will load the custom config file and so logging with the new settings can be done.

  • Where should the default log file be placed? (The installed directory is not possible, there are no write rights)
  • Is it possible to write a tool that can easily create such a custom logging config file?
  • Is my way a good way or are there better ways?