Latest Drop uploaded to Source Code

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Jul 14, 2009 at 9:01 PM

Hey everyone, wanted to draw attention to our latest Enterprise Library drop. We've actually shipped some functionality this time. ;-)

Highlights include:

  • Asynchronous support in the DAAB (only supported out of the box for Sql server, but it should be easy for third parties to add it to their own providers)
  • Data Accessors - these are objects that encapsulate a call to a sproc or sql statement. They return IEnumerable<T>. It includes simple mapping from result sets to objects, so you can do things like: var bigSpenders = from customer in customerAccessor.Execute("US") where customer.AmountSpent > 100000 (Be aware this is Linq to Objects, NOT Linq to SQL, so the filtering here is happening client side). I'll be posting more about accessors on my blog soon.
  • A start at a fluent API for building Entlib configuration in code.
  • A switch on the rolling flat file trace listener to limit the total number of files generated
  • Performance improvements in log formatting
  • We've included an xsd schema for configuration to drive some VS intellisense in the XML editor

Take a look, let us know what you think.