Scenario for RelativeDateTimeValidator

Topics: Validation Application Block
Jul 5, 2009 at 6:09 PM

Please give me some scenario for using the RelativeDateTimeValidator. Thank you.

Jul 6, 2009 at 8:26 AM


One scenario that you can use the RelativeDateTimeValidator, you can validate a persons age based on its birthdate if it falls to a certain rule(this is based on the year). Just as the sample that was given here . You can also use this for the range of Month, Time, Day, Hour, Minute.

Valiant Dudan
Global Technology and Solutions
Avanade, Inc.

Jul 7, 2009 at 6:11 PM

thanks. any other ideas are welcome. thanks.

Jul 9, 2009 at 2:37 AM

You may also want to validate if a certain is greater than or less than the current date.  This is a very common validation requirement that cannot be addressed by the RangeDateValidator.  


Sarah Urmeneta
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Avanade, Inc.