Multiple versions Ent.Lib and configuration files

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Jan 9, 2015 at 10:14 AM
I try simplify my issue.

I use Console Application .NET 4.0.

Console Application .NET 4.0 has an App.config file.

I have DLL Project .NET 2.0, that uses (Dependency Reference) Enterprise Library 3.1.

I have another DLL Project .NET 4.0, that uses (Dependency Reference) Enterprise Library 5.0.

Console Application .NET 4.0 uses (Dependency Reference) DLL Project .NET 2.0 and DLL Project .NET 4.0,

Problem here: Enterprise Library configuration conflict 5.0 and 3.1 versión in Console Application .NET 4.0 App.config file.

Any suggestions using both Enterprise Library 5.0 and 3.1 ?
Is it possible ?
Good patterns and practices?