Welcome to the new era of Enterprise Library – now with community contributions!

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Nov 21, 2013 at 4:34 PM
Edited Nov 21, 2013 at 4:34 PM
EntLib is now open for community contributions! You will see major changes to this site.

We intend for entlib.codeplex.com to remain the Enterprise Library community hub and the primary channel for discussing everything related to Enterprise Library in general, new application block ideas and reference implementation.

However, we are transitioning code, discussions and issues for specific application blocks to their individual sites. Similarly to the way we had Unity hosted on a separate site for years, we have refactored the entlib.codeplex.com and split it into individual projects resulting into 10 corresponding repos, 8 for the blocks, 1 for the common infrastructure and 1 for the reference implementation:
They are largely independent from each other.

For archival purposes, you will still be able to find assets for the previous releases under Downloads. You will also be able to find previous commits to the Source Code repo.

Moving forward, we are also switching the license from MS-PL to Apache 2.0, which is more conducive for projects with community contributions.

To learn more about the official announcement to move to open development and what it means visit:

We want you to share your thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions. If you have suggestions for the new features or bug reports for specific application blocks, please post them in the corresponding Discussion forum and Issue Tracker.

If you are interested in contributing code, please review our guidelines for all of the projects in the Enterprise Library family:

We look forward to engaging with you and making EntLib better.

patterns & practices team