Oracle10g Procedure with Enterprise Library 2.0

Jul 28, 2008 at 8:36 AM

        we are using Oracle 10g as a backend and .net 2.0 framework and EnterpriseLibrary 2.0 for database operation. Now we have to create stored procedure to return resultset and recevie that in .net. I have couple of queries for that,

 1. Should i use Sys_Refcursor as a out prarmeter in procedure? or i have to have Package with the type ref cursor and use that in SP?.
 2. Is it possible with Enterprise library 2. 0 itself or we have to install provider?
 3. Should we make any changes in Enterprise library configuration.
 4. Will that existing option 'cur_out' work for oracle 10g also?
 5. Any sample code that calling stored procedure from C#.

 Please assist me in this.