Installing MSMQ and distributor service on application server or database server?

Topics: Logging Application Block
Jun 2, 2008 at 3:56 PM

We are developing a Smart Client application, and client will communicate with server through WCF, and WCF is hosted in IIS as application server, and is load balanced through hardware.

Client is using a customized WCFLoggingTraceListner to send the log entry to application server, and on application server side, use database trace listner to write into database.

We want to use MSMQ to improve the logging performance, and out intention is to setup the MSMQ on application server, and distributor is installed on application server too, though this will have the best performance.

But I read the EntLib document again, found the MSMQ should be installed on a single destination, and through our design, we must deploy multiple MSMQ and distributor and every application server. Maybe we should install MSMQ and distributor on database server.

Which approach is correct?