Inserting into an Oracle table with auto increment

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Sep 15, 2011 at 1:01 PM


Is it possible to insert into an Oracle table that has an auto-increment primary key column using the UpdateDataset method and the GetInsertCommand method?

I am using the following code at the moment and it is does not seem to be working:

strSQL = "select * from myTable"

DbCommand cmd = myEnterpriseLibraryDatabase.GetSqlStringCommand(strSQL);                       

cmd.Connection = myEnterpriseLibraryDatabase.CreateConnection();
DbCommandBuilder cb = myEnterpriseLibraryDatabase.DbProviderFactory.CreateCommandBuilder();                       

cb.DataAdapter = myEnterpriseLibraryDatabase.GetDataAdapter();                       

cb.DataAdapter.SelectCommand = cmd;

//Get the auto-built Insert command:                      

cb.DataAdapter.InsertCommand = cb.GetInsertCommand(true);

rowsAffected = myEnterpriseLibraryDatabase.UpdateDataSet(comparableEditionDataset, comparableEditionDataset.COMPARABLE_EDITION.TableName, cb.DataAdapter.InsertCommand, null, null, UpdateBehavior.Transactional);

Otherwise is there another way of performing the insert?

Thanks in advance.





Sep 16, 2011 at 9:22 AM


I assume this would work on Oracle. I'm just wondering if you have updated your dataset.


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