Migrating DAL from Oracle to SQL

Topics: Data Access Application Block
Apr 29, 2008 at 8:37 PM
We need to create architecture for a project working with Oracle 10g and further migration to SQL 2005.

Theoretically, the migrating Data Access Layer using DAAB from Oracle to Sql is quite feasible and sometimes declared as an easy and transparent task. Here are a few quotes from EntLib doc:
"The code for applications written for one type of database, such as SQL Server, looks much the same as the code for applications written for another type of database, such as Oracle."
"The Data Access Application Block works transparently with SQL Server, SQL Server CE and Oracle databases. "

How is it in real life? Could anyone to share such an experience? Does using DAAB really simplify the migration? What should be taken into account during the architecture design?

Your response will be greatly appreciated.