Caching block (.net 1.1) and nUnit tests 41 second delay on second run.

Topics: Caching Application Block
Apr 14, 2008 at 1:29 PM
Sorry if this has been discussed already, but I have recently downloaded the June 2005 Enterpise Lib for a .net 1.1 project. I am planning on using the caching block for - well caching some data. I compiled the code and ran some of the unit tests that come with the library, the first time I run say the CacheManagerFactoryFixture tests using nUnit 2.4 or 2.2 the test completes in around 2 seconds. If I hit run again, then the test takes 41 seconds. Now this is not my set uf unit tests, these are the tests packaged with the library. Some quick debugging shows after the tests are completed the configuration poller is still running. I also see the ProducerConsumerQueue is blocked on WaitUntilInterrupted(). Is there a build or some work arounds. Otherwise I will need to walk the Dispose() code paths.