Need headstart

Topics: Data Access Application Block, Exception Handling Application Block, Logging Application Block
Sep 22, 2010 at 3:39 PM

Hello Team,

I am new to entlib development. I am told to use the DAAB, Logging and Exception block in my next project. The way i have to setup my project is, UI talks to the a Gateway (you can call it as a Middle Tier set of classes), and the Gateway will talk to the DataLayer (DAAB) which will connect to the DB. I also have to use the Logging to SQL, Text Files. Then the last thing is the Exception block. I was thinking to use the simple try, catch in my procedures, that will be sufficient, but wanted to know the entlib offers.

As i have not previous worked on this, i know it will be tough for you to give me so much details. But if you can help me with some really useful links giving step by step approach on using and arranging these blocks, it will help me. Any video tutorials, code samples are much appreciated.

Thanks. Waiting.

Sep 22, 2010 at 6:20 PM

Start here:

Follow the link to Enterprise Library 5.0.

Follow the link to the Hands-on-labs.

Follow - well, follow the directions in the lab. Hopefully that should give you an idea of how to use each of the blocks.

Also, you can go to and read the Developer's Guide to Enterprise Library 5, which is a tutorial on the various capabilities.

Don't get hung up on "arranging these blocks" together; they're pretty much orthogonal pieces. Use what seems useful, forget the rest until you need it.