Remind me why I HATE developing on MS platforms

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Feb 3, 2008 at 10:53 PM
Edited Feb 4, 2008 at 12:53 AM
Microsoft were in the University today trying to recruit for their graduate training program and telling us all about the wonders of .NET. I'm quite well versed with developing on enterprise projects and have used Struts, Spring, Enterprise Java beans etc, so despite myself I decided to take a look at the Enterprise Library and investigate how some of the application blocks work.

I download the package, installed it and went looking for documentation online. Waded through tons of crappy microsoft pages that each take half a minute to load. No joy there then. Google just yields many others in the same boat, crying out for documentation but that's about it. OK, so I go hunting around and find that some files have been installed in my program files folder (no indication in the install that this was going to happen). Find a directory containing a bunch of HXF help files which my system can't open. Never mind.....last resort - find some sample applications, load em up in VS and try to figure out how the blocks work from reading the source code / running the apps.

Just out of interest; While I'm here in the year of our Lord VS 2008, do Microsoft still assume that I definitely need a class called Class1 in every new project I create? Ah yes, excellent. Saves me the bother of adding it myself. And every new class must be created with 3 Usings, because I'll always want super-fast access to a System.Drawing class or a generic list? Of course.

Let's start with the security block.

Find that the 'quick start' isn't very quick but rather some over-egged crap with tons of winforms. And it doesn't start! An error - some sort of ASPNETDEVSERVICES thingymabob database missing. Can't logon, can't find, can't complete.....clutch chest, fall over dying ahhhhh. Wait a minute, it's telling me I can run some aspnet_regsql.exe application and all my troubles will be over.

Now if only I could find it without wasting another 2 hours of my life. Pathetic. truly, utterly and outrageously pathetic. And this on version 3.1 I might add.

F-U M-S.....I'd rather chew off my own ball-sack than go work for you.

Open Eclipse IDE and carry on where I left off!