Policies and exception types

Topics: Exception Handling Application Block
Jan 15, 2008 at 10:39 PM
We are using EntLib 2.0. We are creating an n-tier windows forms application that interacts with SQL server.
(GUI -> BLL -> DAL -> stored procs -> SQL 2005)

I've added the EHAB to the configuration, and now I am at the point of doing a new Exception Policy. I read that you generally create a policy names for each of the layers (DataAccessPolicy, BusinessLogicPolicy, UIPolicy, GlobalPolicy). Did I interpret that correctly? I also read some examples that had a different naming approach (WrapPolicy, ReplacePolicy, LoggingPolicy, etc).
Q1.) What naming convention is more “real world”?

Under each policy, I need to process exception types. Does everyone just process System.Exception for all of the policies?
Q2.) While this seems to be the easiest approach, is it the best approach? FxCop always warned against catching System.Exception.

Thanks in advance,