Policy Injection Custom Handler

Topics: Policy Injection Application Block
Jan 9, 2008 at 2:15 PM
Hi - I have made a simple "custom handler" for policy-injection. It has a couple of properties which can be set via configuration, and this is possible via the configuration tool's "Attributes" collection when I configure my handler.

I notice, though, that Microsoft's inbuilt handlers don't have this "Attributes" collection - they have some sort of design time support which allows the configuration tool to display the names of all the possible attributes. How do I do this in my custom handler? I think I have seen something to do with a "MyHandlerNode" class, where the Node defines the properties for display. But the details are a little hazy, and I think it was necessary to recompile the EnterpriseLibrary!

Can someone please put me on the right track?

Thanks, Peter