Environmental overrides woes

Topics: Enterprise Library Core, General discussion
Dec 4, 2007 at 3:12 PM
I've been using Olaf's wonderful environmental overrides extension with EntLib 2.0 and it was great (well except for crashing once in a while :).
I was happy to discover it made it into EntLib 3 but now I'm very disappointed with how it works and I hope I'm doing something wrong. My two problems are:
  1. With the old extension it was possible to define multiple environments and when the main file was saved all the environments configuration files would be generated automatically with the new implementation you have to go over them one by one and do "Save merged configuration".
  2. With the old extension the environments were save with the main file so when you opened it all the environments were there and you only had to make the changes you wanted. Now It seems that when the file is closed and reopened the environments are lost and you have to reload them from the delta files, again one by one.

Like I said I hope I'm doing something wrong or have a local problem because these two behaviours are extremely annoying and time consuming.