Problem with flushing the cache

Topics: Caching Application Block
Oct 18, 2007 at 2:41 PM

I'm using v.3.1 and have some problems regarding flushing the cache.
I'm using a httphandler that's called from a third party (admin web application) to flush the cache. This method simply just gets the CacheManager and runs the Flush() method. I'm calling the flush method from the admin web application that resides on a different server, but both the client web application and admin application uses the same databases. I just want to flush the client app's cache when the admin app has made changes to the database. I'm also using a database backing-store.

However, when i run the Flush() method there still seem to remain items in the in-memory cache, but the rows of CacheData in my caching database are removed. Anyone know why this is happening, and/or got any ideas to solve this issue?

Thanks! :)

- mjOL