Can this problem become an App.Block solution?

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Sep 11, 2007 at 5:48 PM
Hi, my experience in software are mostly in enterprise applications and there is a "simple" problem wich always i must solve in a Enterprise context: User feedback about long term running process

Dealing with legacy applications that users complains about "performance" most of times the performance was fine for the bussines but for the end-user the app hangs-up 10, 15 minutes or 1 hour and then come back to life...

Im in an implementation of the Validation Block, and sure in short of the Caching Block, the design of the first makes me think in a "analog" solution (read this as an App.Block solution) for the Feedback problem, putting in bussiness objects ways to say:
Currently in "Copy" process Progress:(2/10)
Currently in "Consolidation" process Progress:(?)

And of course integration with WinForms and WebForms (and maybe WCF, WPF...) where we can display to end-user the Process situation.

This may not be restricted to end-user, i think can be easy put available for other process and components.

In my experience a must-have would be nested current process progress, usually happens a big process encapsulates others and i like to show this to user, for example in a list of progressbars one item for each nested process.
Other must-have is a nice way of show unknow progress of a process.

Ok, just presenting the problem, what you people think about a Feedback Application Block ?

Thanks for your time.
Enrique Ferreyra