Configuration via tables

Topics: Building and extending application blocks, Data Access Application Block
Jul 12, 2007 at 8:05 PM

Does anyone know of a good link for wiring DAAB to use a DB table as the configuration source?

We have a multi-DB system here and we need to read/write extended information into a master DB to be used as configuration when dealing with the other DB's.

I'd like DAAB to be a part of this for the connection strings, (and from there, the logging block, but one step at a time :) - but I'm finding it difficult to find a succinct description of how to put one's own DatabaseFactory/IConfigurationSource together.

I've been paging through the Configuration stuff on EntLib, MSDN configuration help, and the source. But if anyone knows where an example of this lives, I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks a lot -