Odbc, Precision

Topics: Data Access Application Block
Jun 15, 2007 at 12:14 PM

with OdbcCommand named 'com' I use this statemant and it works to update an text-field on MSSQL 6.5:

com.Parameters.Add("largefield", OdbcType.Text).Value = LARGETEXT;

With DBAA I try to use this:
db.AddInParameter(com, "large_field", DbType.AnsiString, xdoc.OuterXml);

But get this error: ERROR HY104MicrosoftODBC SQL Server DriverInvalid precision value
I know, there is an overloaded Database.Addparameter() function available, bit expermenting doesnt solved the problem. Has anybody an info how the write in this meme-fields? As you see, its an old MSSQL6.5, so ODBC is needed. I really want switch to EntLib, but it a showstopper, if not every statemant is executable.
If Custom Provider Mapping helps: I cannot find help topics on this. Thanx for help!