Problem with Creating a Policy for a WCF-based Web Service

Topics: Policy Injection Application Block
May 18, 2007 at 2:51 PM
First of all, I appreciate the development efforts that have been put into the Enterprise Library since it's inception. It has already saved countless hours of development time, and, is one of our primary reusable components that gets designed into all of our applications.

I'm currently researching the ability to use the PIAB to intercept calls to WCF-based web services, using both built-in security and logging call handlers.

During execution, I received the same exception as detailed in this thread, As a result, I modified the source code as suggested, recompiled, and used the EntLibConfig.exe (based upon the recompiled unsigned assemblies) to modify the application's app.config file. After further testing, no exception is thrown. However, no logging messages are written to the designated sinks. In addition, I confirmed that local object instances were intercepted and logged successfully.

Before I start digging deeper into the problem, I am wondering if anyone has successfully intercepted a WCF-based web service.

Thanks for the help ... I really appreciate it.